Please Pray Radically for us using the items on this page! And come back frequently for the updated schedules and announcements from RTO Detroit.

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WE NEED PRAYER PARTNERS: We have a wonderful group of prayer warriors that make up our Radical Prayer Team. This is a team of those who have committed to praying for RTO Detroit and the Prison Ministry at least once per week. The members of this team receive an occasional email with items and ideas on how they can pray for the ministry.

Will you partner with us in prayer? If you’re interested, you can sign up here. We’d be thrilled to add you to our Radical Prayer Team.

Whether or not you join our prayer force, here is an ongoing request we have. Please pray.

  • Ongoing Prayer Request: Please pray for our access to more prisons in Michigan. It’s often very difficult for volunteers to get into Michigan prisons and jails. We strongly desire to reach more inmates with the Gospel and to encourage the churches in the different facilities, but the lack of access makes that difficult.

In-Prison Ministry

Please Pray Radically for our in-prison ministry

  • For us: Pray for us as we serve in the prisons and jails. Pray that the Gospel message would be clear through preaching and song.
  • For the believers: Pray for the Church Behind Bars, that the believers will be encouraged to not just do their time but to redeem their time for Christ.
  • For the non-believers: Pray for those whom the Lord brings our way who do not yet know Christ. Pray that our Gospel presentation will be clear and compelling and that Christ would work in their hearts.

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